Hendersonville NC Apples

Apple Orchard & Farm near Asheville NC

NC Apples Available Mid-August – Late November

Beginning in mid-August, early varieties of crisp, tasty Hendersonville NC Apples, such as Fuji, Gala, Ozark, and Gingergold are available. By Labor Day, Red and Golden Delicious apple varieties are available just in time for the NC Apple Festival. In early October, Rome Beauty, Granny Smith, Stayman Winesap and Fuji apples are available.

Ripening Schedule for Western NC Apples at Lyda Farms

NC Apples Ripening Time
Fuji (Early) Mid Aug. – Mid. Sept.
Gala Mid Aug. – Mid. Sept.
Ginger Gold Mid Aug. – Mid. Sept.
Ozark Golden Mid Aug. – Mid. Sept.
Honey Crisp Early Sept. – Late Sept.
Macintosh Early Sept. – Late Sept.
Golden Delicious Mid Sept. – Late Nov.
Red Delicious Mid Sept. – Late Nov.
Rome Beauty Mid Sept. – Late Nov.
Jonagold Mid Sept. – Late Nov.
Arkansas Black Early Oct. – Late Nov.
Cameo Early Oct. – Late Nov.
Stayman Winesap Early Oct. – Late Nov.
Granny Smith Early Oct. – Late Nov.
King Luscious Early Oct. – Late Nov.
Pink Lady Early Oct. – Late Nov.
Fuji (Late) Early Oct. – Late Nov.